Michael Rice


10-12. November 2017, SAMMASATI Retreat Centrum

We would like to invite you join on a transformational weekend Archetypal Adventure for both men and women.


The workshop is conducted in English and translated into Czech.

Archetypes can be described as psychological and energetic programs of belief, behaviour and potential that are running and expressing in all of us, all the time.  Our sensory experience of life, and all of our relationships, are a projection of how consciously (or not) we are working with and through these programs.

This dynamic event will introduce and explore the four primary Masculine and Feminine Archetypes:


King/Queen, Warrior/Mother, Magician/Wise Woman and Lover.

The information, exercises and rituals will help us to become more conscious of the foundational basis of our experienced reality, and support us to process and transcend any limiting aspects or projections of these Archetypes in our lives.


This event will help us to understand and practically apply these principles and energies to all of our relationships.

The King / Queen Archetype

Is what connects us to the Source, allowing us to be a bridge or conduit between ‘Heaven’ and ‘Earth’; anchoring the Knowing of who we are, why we are here and what is going on.

The Magician / Wise Woman Archetype

Is about working with, and practically applying, this information in an effective and conscious way; working with the full spectrum of matrix reality, alongside nature.

The Warrior Archetype/Mother

Gives us discipline, focus and courage to make difficult choices, to follow through and prepare the path to success and completion.

Lover Archetype

Connects us to Life; to our bodies, hearts and to other people, and gives our whole life movement meaning.

About Michael

Michael has been developing and presenting transformational seminars for over 20 years in a number of countries, and draws heavily from his extensive life experience to lead and support people on their journey to becoming, and enjoying.

Michael Rice was born and raised in Ireland, and currently leads its activity mainly in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. He studied at the School of Architecture as part of University College Dublin and was a member of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland. Michael Rice has received many awards in the field of architecture. Designs and builds with passion according to bio-architecture principles, sacred geometry, and living in accordance with nature.



Introducing and sharing in a circle.


Presentation of archetypal philosophy and awareness, practical investigative exercises. The way to the King / Queen, the way with the King / Queen – individual work and work with a partner.

Journey to the Warrior / Mother, journey with the Fighter / Mother – individual work and work with a partner.




Journey to the The Magician / Wise Woman Archetype and Lovers  – individual work and work with a partner.

The final ritual of sacred geometry for fastening and integrating all four archetypes.



Friday-Sunday 10th – 12th November , Sammasati Retreat Centrum



The price of the workshop is 5.600 CZK, including food and accommodation.