The Ultimate Relationship Healing Method

Déva Presence

The Ultimate Relationship Healing Method

Déva Presence, Prague

We all have the desire to be in a fulfilling, deeply loving and powerfully passionate relationship. We just don’t know how to create one. It seems like every relationship has their highs and lows. 

Would you like to rise form a  low and boldly go into your truth to come back to love again?


Would you like to easily transform pain that arises from disconnection and discontent?


Would you like to become an excellent lover and communicate clearly to define and develop this Ultimate relationship?

I’ve got a solution for you… never fall in love again. Only ‘Rise’ in love!

Conscious relating goes well beyond the relationship being “good”. If you are in a relationship now and its good, after learning about this method, your relationship will increase to becoming magnificent.
If you are single, dating, or trying something new this method will help you build resilience in becoming fully authentic in your every connection.

You will learn:

* exceptionally good tools on how to feel empowered in what ever is showing up in your life.


* to transform the challenge of being in your truth to the joy of freeing your true self expression.


* to become attractive, self healing and integrated in your body wisdom to nurture that powerful inner lover in you.
We do a simple yet profound process: Reveal, Feel, Heal.

We simply reveal our truth, deepen our empowered feelings and let the healing take place naturally.

No body really taught us how to create amazing love relationships. We spend a lot of time, energy and money on relationships without knowing how to improve them. 

Isn’t it time you invested in yourself to learn how to love and liberate your most sought after experience in life? 

By creating the ultimate relationship, this big investment of your time, energy and money will no longer be wasted with another failed attempt… breaking hearts in the process. 

My method of teaching this is called Dynamic Facilitation. I make the class very fun, informative and transformational. You only need to be willing, show up and transform your life for good. 

Déva Presence from Jamaica, is a conscious lyricist, author and guide. He has done a decade of leading people on retreats and workshops on many topics including relationships, permaculture, yoga, spirituality and conscious sexuality. None of it compares to his real life experience of becoming liberated in his emotions. He shares from the heart and what he knows works! To be in the transformative fire that all are seeking to move through is his method. 

He has traveled the world deepening his connection to nature, taking countless courses and retreats on self-empowerment, sharing his gifts as a musician, author, teacher and lover. He earned a degree in Philosophy and has been teaching yoga, permaculture and conscious sexuality for 7+ years. For 15 years he has been counseling relationships, helping people move from grudges to gratitude.


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During his stay in Prague, Déva invites you to two evenings and one full day workshop.

The Ultimate Relationship Healing Method

Moving from being ruled by past traumas to emotional fluidity and well-being

26. September 2017

 19:00  – 21:30 DANCERS‘ CLUB, Koněvova 19, 130 00 Praha 3 Žižkov

The price for the workshop: 490,- CZK

The Ultimate Relationship Healing Method

Renouncing Guilt, Shame and Blame: Finding absolutely clarity with conscious communication.

3. October 2017

 19:00 – 21:30 Studio ITAKA, Korunní 35, Praha 2 – Vinohrady



The integrative process of being in your ‚wisdom body‘. Many tools for anchoring in this Ultimate Relationship Healing Method.

14. October 2017

 10:00 – 18:00 Studio K3, Karlovo náměstí 3, Praha 2


We offer a discount of 200, – CZK for those registering by 10.9.2017. The price of the workshop after discount is 1.700,- CZK


„The Universe brought Deva to me. I was feeling lost and “grasping at straws” along my way. As many of you probably can attest, our journey along “the path” is anything but direct. I had reached a point where, although I was pretty sure a path was there somewhere, I was unable to distinguish it from the surrounding terrain. Deva is helping me by shining HIS light on MY path. Although he is much to modest to admit, he is a sage-like guide when we lose our way. He’s traveled the path alone and with others and I’m so glad he showed up for me when he did. It’s so easy to lose faith when we cannot see where our trail leads or, worse yet, lose sight of it all together. Deva knows how to navigate these areas with amazing grace and skill. Thank you Deva. I feel safer on my journey because your outstretched hand found my finger tips. „

Rob (Aviation Officer)

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